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Natural Black Stone Wall Decor

Natural Black Stone Wall Decor
As Izodekor, we are the world's largest manufacturer and guarantee that our products will be received safely and smoothly.
Our factory direct sales to the public are now available online. We send our products, which we have carefully produced and prepared for you, directly from the factory to you.
Our 3D wall panels can be easily installed without a master and guarantee a dust-free and clean installation.
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Self-adhesive fine natural stone, developed so that you can design your own authentic rooms.

With our "DIY" product, which has been developed for our users with a new generation of do-it-yourself culture, you can adapt your own interpretation to your wall by creating applications in your own style.

 The self-adhesive natural stone slabs are easy to attach to walls, as there is an adhesive layer on the back.


• The measure of panels are 0.49 x 1.97 ft and are 0.0132 ft thick.

• The front is made of real natural stone.

• A self-adhesive tape is available on the back.

• No mortar required, just glue.

• The surface must be flat and dust-free.

• 100% natural look.

• Not suitable for damp areas.

• Suitable for indoor use

• The prices are per piece

• Cut to size or with a grinder or with a pair of tin snips.

To treat.

To enjoy the self-adhesive natural stone slabs for longer, we recommend impregnating them.

What does impregnation mean?

Impregnation means that you apply a water-repellent impregnating agent. Since it has a real slate layer on it, it can absorb water and dirt.

How many panels do you need?

You can calculate the number of square meters based on the length and width of a specific room.

For example: 2.45 ft (length) x 9.85 ft (height) = 24.13 ft² 

24.13 ft² ÷ 0.97 ft² = you need 24.87 panels (round to 25)

Easy to Install

1. Clean your wall with a damp cloth. Please make sure your wall is flat.

2. The designated area is determined by drawing on the wall.

3. Take the product out of the packaging, part of the tape is on the back

opened from above. Contact with the adhesive surface and avoid offering protection from dust and dirt.

4. The product is glued from the first upper part to the designated area. The band is

pulled down.

5. This application is repeated for all surfaces.

6. Can use metal scissors for cutting and drilling or if available

circular saw can be used.

7. No common gap is required.


Why DIY self-adhesive stone?

• It is a real natural stone. It is thin, light and natural.

• It is very easy to use. This simplicity is included in the product packaging and

specified in the operating instructions.

• You will only pay for the product.

There are no costs such as transportation, craftsmen, glue or mortar, cleaning.


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