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As Izodekor, we are the world's largest manufacturer and guarantee that our products will be received safely and smoothly.
Our factory direct sales to the public are now available online. We send our products, which we have carefully produced and prepared for you, directly from the factory to you.
Our 3D wall panels can be easily installed without a master and guarantee a dust-free and clean installation.
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    TıtleınformatıonWHY STYROFOAM PANELS
    MaterialEpsDIY Products
    PriceBy BoardHardly flammable (B1)
    Ft² / piece5,38 ft²
    Easy To Install
    Height1,64 ftThermal Insulations
    Width3,28 ft
    Resistant & Strong
    Thick0,0657 ftReal 3D Brick Effect

    If you're looking for a different wallcovering solution than painting,changing or applying wallpaper,3D Wall Panels are the place to go. 3D Wall Panels can be easily installed without the need for a craftsman and guarantee a dust-free and clean installation.Needs no renovation,it has a long life.

    Direct Sales from the Factory / Manufacturer Guarantee / 40 Years in Industry / Best Price / Ultra Quality

    Product Description

    • You can use the faux brick wall panels at home decoration, in cafes, restaurants, hotels' decorations, exhibition stands, at offices, in shops and showcase decorations.
    • You can apply your walls and ceilings with Izodekor Styrofoam Wall Panels without professional help. You can do it yourself. ( DIY )
    • Thanks to its surface texture, you do not feel the artificiality effect found in wallpaper on Izodekor.
    • It feels like natural stone and brick.
    • It can be applied to all painted or unpainted surfaces. Does not need special land.
    • One board is ultra light. It weighs 1.2 Kg.
    • Thanks to its special surface,our product is very hard and resistant.
    • You can apply easily with silicone,no need any other special tools.
    • Prevents moisture.
    • It makes thermal insulations.
    • Doesn’t deform with time.
    • %100 Environmental.
    • Water resistant.
    • It can be used interior and exterior. (For exterior applications, you should be use water - based varnish. )
    • Impact resistant.
    • It is a flame-free type.
    • Easy to transport


    Cost Saving

    It does not cause problems such as dirt, dust or stains caused by natural stone or wallpaper and saves your budget such costs.It can be used with its recyclable function for many years and does not need to be renewed over time.

    How many boards you need?

    One board size is 1,64*3,28 ft.  For example,If your wall measure is 16,40 ft ( width ) x 8,20 ft ( lenght ) = 134,48 ft² - Nearly 134,5 ft², so you need to buy 134,5 ft² ÷ 5,38 ft² = 25 Boards. ( Only in case of cutting error etc. it is recommended to take more than 1 or 2 boards for cases )

    Application Tips

    • To make the products look more natural,it is better to cross-lay the faux brick wall panels.
    • You can easily cut the Izodekor Boards from the opposite surface ( Styrofoam ) using by a utility knife.

    Important Information

    Due to the photography, design and printing techniques on this website the colors may differ by an average of 10% from the original products. There may be %10 color tone differences between the same models ordered at different times.

    The cutting process is done to make our panels look more perfect. For this reason, due to the cutting allowance, its width varies between 99.6 cm and 99.8 cm. We ask you to take this note into account when ordering.

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